Three Lessons in Life

Many may not know this, but I was laid off on April 2nd by my previous employer of fourteen years. Some of you may be thinking this is going to be a post where I rip into my employer for the "wrongs" I feel were done to me. This is not that post, nor would... Continue Reading →

Orthodoxy and Preparedness

 Hope for the best, prepare for the worst    Throughout my life, I have carried the weight of worry. Worrying about this and worrying about that. For as long as I can remember, this has always been. As a young man, I was a cub scout, boy scout, and even a US Naval Sea Cadet. These... Continue Reading →

Let Us Attend; Living a Life of Service

Let Us Attend!Join me as I present a two-session, five-part discussion entitled, Let Us Attend; Living a Life of Service. In this discussion, I will reveal God as Master, God as Servant, Man as Master, Man as Servant, and Living a Life of Service. This discussion was given as part of my first-year praxis project... Continue Reading →

The Icon and the Avatar

Divine Union Usurped by The Same Old Lie    In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit; One God. Amen +    Billions of avatars, status updates, photos, tweets, articles, and opinions line the back alleys of the internet, each one meaningful in some way to the avatars who post them. Real... Continue Reading →

Kombucha – A Makers Experience

Kombucha, which is sometimes referred to as Kombucha Tea is a fermented tea drink that is thought to have originated thousands of years ago in China, Russia, and Eastern Europe. You may read more about Kombucha here. My wife and family have been consuming Kombucha for four or five years now and while I don't have... Continue Reading →

Homily – The Second Sunday of Matthew

Our Deacon Joseph gave this very well put together homily on the Second Sunday of Matthew. I find it highly encouraging and wanted to share it with you all. With his permission, I am posting it here. Glory to God for all things +    In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit +  ... Continue Reading →

The Orthodox Christian Ethos and Modernity

For it is not with presumption that I approach thee, O Christ God, but I come trusting in Thine indescribable goodness, lest that through long absence from communion with Thee I may become the prey of the invisible wolf. - exerpt from a prayer of St. John Chrysostom (pre-communion prayers)    In the name of the... Continue Reading →

What does it mean to ascend the cross?

“You must not be greatly troubled about many things, but you should care for the main thing,  preparing yourself for death.”+ St. Ambrose of Optina    St. Ambros, just as other holy Saints of the Church knew what it meant to ascend the cross. They knew that the entirety of our existence should be dedicated to... Continue Reading →

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