The Downward Spiral of Society and You

There is something that has been on my mind the last week. This is not meant to scare anyone or bring a spirit of fear, but rather to help and encourage you.

I want to encourage you all to be more aware, situationally, in transitional spaces, when out an about, shopping, running errands, etc. As society moves forward, this single skill will help keep you out of harms way or avoid harm when something pops off. As you know the federal government gave larger companies and federal entities unto October 15th to ensure all their employees are vexed. Those who wanted to, are and those who did not want to have left their jobs in droves. These are the easily identifiable groups of people, but there is a third group and they are less identifiable. These folks are people who have been pushed to their maximum ability to handle the pressures of the assault against mankind and they lack the spiritual tools that the Christ and His Church offer. They are like walking timebombs where the next confrontation could set them off.

My encouragement is to first and foremost, be the light of Christ in the world leading with Christian love, seeing Christ in all as best as you can. Secondly, practice situational awareness. Be observant of your surroundings, entrances and exits to buildings that you enter, potential areas that can be used for cover or concealment. Keep your head on a ‘swivel’ as they say. Glancing at people and paying attention to their hands, especially if they are just standing around. Many people look at peoples faces, but try glancing at their waste bands/belt area. See if you can spot who is carrying a concealed firearm or not (Obviously, don’t make it awkward by staring to long). If you carry a firearm, carry it concealed (in waste band – IWB) preferably, so that you aren’t the first target for someone who wants to do evil. There are advantages to concealing your ability to fight back and equal the odds. Also, remember it is not your job to ‘take out the bad guy’ as some citizen defenders say. Your first job is to secure your family and yourself in a violent encounter. Get away if you can, hide, but be ready to bring the most violent response you can.

“But Christians aren’t supposed to be violent…” I have had conversations with people from both sides of this discussion and the consensus is that you need to make the best decision you can with the information you have. You and only you are responsible for your words and actions. That being said, no one that I am aware of would shame someone for standing up for innocents, widows, and/or your family. You do not get to decide if you are a martyr, that is up to God. In the meantime, I pray that the things I mentioned above will be of use to you. Practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes progress. So, next time you are heading out somewhere, practice the simple act of putting your mobile device down and checking out your surroundings. See what you can see. +

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