A Prayer of the Heart – 2

Have mercy on me, O Lord! According to your loving-kindness, have mercy on me.

How I long for thee amid the chaos of this world. My heart cries out for thee as in the days when thou first revealed thyself to me. I grow tired and mine eyes are no longer bright with the light of thy glory.

Those who once encouraged me to seek thee, now plot against me, withholding my name from their lips and casting me far out from their dwelling places. How long, O Lord, shall thou forsake me? How long, shall I abide in the house of the forked-tongued liars. Who, with a smile on their face greet one another, but with jealousy in their hearts say, well done, well done.

The wolf finds even the smallest hint of blood and follows the trail of death to feed on the carcasses of the fallen. Yet, even the wolf yields to the rest of the pack granting access to food. For me, there is found no favor in the pack, nor food for my weary bones.

In the night, I lay down while wolves gather round about my dwelling. Sleep flees from me, as a frightened bird from the hunter’s approaching steps. If not for thine angels protecting me, surely I would parish.

In the mornings, when I arise, I seek thee in the quiet places, among the tall trees, and in the gentle streams. Why dost Thou hide Thy face from me? The deepest depths of my being long for thee, my master and creator. My soul is quenched by thy mercy and inexpressable love toward mankind; toward me.

I will wait upon thee, O Lord, for as long as I have my being. I will never cease to seek thee. Eventhough the world mocks thee, I adore thy Holy Third-Day Resurrection and shall await thy glorious second coming. Only, sustain me a little while, O Master, and renew me so that I may dwell with thee in my heart where no man, beast, or devil may cosume me +

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