Mothers Day

For some of us, Mother’s Day brings a lot of rain amongst the flowery dresses and crying babies. The stormy remembrance of expectations dashed.

Maybe we are anxiously anticipating motherhood in a hostile world that finds that an oppressive vocation. Maybe our mothers weren’t up to societal standards or maybe some of our mothers died too young. Maybe some of our mothers smothered our childhood with their pain. Maybe motherhood presented itself too young, and we didn’t rise to the occasion. Maybe motherhood was buried with those who will never see childhood in this life.

Whatever the rain, May you know that you are not alone. Christ is risen and death is overthrown, WE are made most perfect in Him and yes that wait can be bittersweet. Let the light of Christ illuminate all our sorrows with His never ending light that no darkness can overcome.

– Diakonissa Irene +

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