Not My Will, But Thy Will O Lord

Not my will but Thy will be done O Lord. From my youth many passions have warred against me. As flies to a rotting corpse, mine enemies have troubled me, continually gnawing at my flesh. Those who seek after my soul say unto me, “well done, well done!”

But You, O Lord lift up my life from the pit of despair and have clothed me with robe of gladness. You crown me with light everlasting and make me to hear joy! If not for you O Lord, my very breath would cease and my bones would turn to dust.

Heal me O Lord, and place me at your ready to do Thy will, to obey your commands, and to be attentive unto Your Voice.

My desire is for you O my Christ and my God; For you and only you. My heart and my mind deceive me, but you O Lord are the Clarity which illumines the eye of my noetic heart; Not only my heart but my entire being.

Not my will but Thy will be done O Lord +

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