Playing Games in the Spiritual Life

The time for playing games in our spiritual life is long over… we throw ourselves to the left and to the right with so many distractions, careers, politics, sports, gossip, and every distraction offered to mankind, yet one thing is needful; To love God with all we are! Our entire being! If we don’t humbly seek His mercy in this life and Union with Him, we will be terrified of what we encounter in the next; Where His uncreated light shines in the unending day without night and where all the heavenly hosts with His elect praise, honor, and worship The Father, and The Son, and The Holy Spirit; Άγιος άγιος άγιος ο θεός!

Forgive me! Reading and listening to the lives of our Holy and God bearing Fathers and Mothers who gave blood to receive spirit and yet they themselves said, “I am but dust and have yet to even begin! Whoa is me O God!”

And here I am, barely able to pray, to fast, and to attend the services! Geronda Haralambos (Geronda Ephraim’s synodical brother in Christ) worked up to 5000 prostrations to try to attain to His Geronda’s efforts! And I barely can do 50! (Though he was chastised for not having a blessing to do so!)

O my God and Creator, count not my weakness nor my wretchedness against me, but rather my desire to praise, honor, and love Thee, for with fear of Thee, faith and love I draw near!

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