On Humility and the Humble Outlook

By Elder Joseph of Vatopedi Humility penetrates and is penetrated, it doesn’t fear, doesn’t question, doesn’t seek and therefore doesn’t move. As truth in Himself, life in Himself and all-loving, Jesus also, rightly, has humility as the universal position of His personality. This is precisely what is transferred to those who follow Him and participate... Continue Reading →

The Diplomacy of Deceit

Archbishop Averky (Taushev) of blessed memory was and is a firm and unabashed patristic voice. I offer one of his works below, which was originally …The Diplomacy of Deceit

Orthodoxy & Preparedness – Part 2

As a follow up to my first article on Orthodoxy & Preparedness, I want to use this article to focus on a specific area. Beginning and maintaining a preparedness lifestyle can be very overwhelming and there is no shortage of information available online. Many folks I speak with regarding preparedness, backup food storage, and/or EOLAWKI... Continue Reading →

Three Lessons in Life

Many may not know this, but I was laid off on April 2nd by my previous employer of fourteen years. Some of you may be thinking this is going to be a post where I rip into my employer for the "wrongs" I feel were done to me. This is not that post, nor would... Continue Reading →

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