The Revival of the Heart

“Prepare yourselves to confess the Faith, prepare yourselves for martyrdom! God’s thunder is all around us!” New Hieromartyr Nikon of Vologda.1 …The Revival of the Heart

Support for Mount Tabor Publishing

Make a Donation to MTP Today "The only way we can heal the injustices of our world is by changing the hearts and minds of the people through the love of God and forgiveness." Dr. Christopher Veniamin, D.Phil. (Oxon.) Please join Mount Thabor Publishing in helping to disseminate important writings on the Orthodox Christian Faith and Spiritual... Continue Reading →

On Humility and the Humble Outlook

By Elder Joseph of Vatopedi Humility penetrates and is penetrated, it doesn’t fear, doesn’t question, doesn’t seek and therefore doesn’t move. As truth in Himself, life in Himself and all-loving, Jesus also, rightly, has humility as the universal position of His personality. This is precisely what is transferred to those who follow Him and participate... Continue Reading →

The Icon and the Avatar

Divine Union Usurped by The Same Old Lie Divine Union Usurped by The Same Old Lie Billions of avatars, status updates, photos, tweets, articles, and opinions line the back alleys of the internet, each one meaningful in some way to the avatars who post them. Real human beings, cloaked in avatars, expressing real emotions through... Continue Reading →

The Orthodox Christian Ethos and Modernity

For it is not with presumption that I approach thee, O Christ God, but I come trusting in Thine indescribable goodness, lest that through long absence from communion with Thee I may become the prey of the invisible wolf.exerpt from a prayer of St. John Chrysostom (pre-communion prayers) In the name of the Father, the... Continue Reading →

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